We have gained recognition for our accomplishments and innovations in the project development and construction fields. Bell-Mann Corporation will work with you as a team of experts in coordinating and executing your building program. Our Construction, Project Development, and Consulting Services are discussed in detail under the heading of Scope of Services.


Bell-Mann Corporation has its corporate headquarters in Texas and is incorporated under the laws of Texas. Bell-Mann was founded in 1973 by David Bellow and Harold Strohmann as a construction company. A project development and consulting division was added in 1987. This has given the corporation a competitive edge. The corporation has continued to thrive as a result of expanding its services.

Both principals are active in the everyday operation of the business. Our continued success is a result of everyone sharing the same dedication, loyalty and hard work that Mr. Strohmann and Mr. Bellow have demonstrated for Bell-Mann Corporation. It was their desire to create a successful business by providing quality services at competitive prices.

Bell-Mann Corporation has succeeded in achieving its original goals and has embarked on implementing additional goals, which include continued growth across the country. The reason for our success is simple: We know that the quality of our work is a reflection on you.

We are pleased to present The Bell-Mann Corporation Information Center for your consideration. Bell-Mann Corporation currently has offices in Houston and the Dallas/ Fort Worth area and has successfully completed numerous building programs in Texas and across the country. Bell-Mann Corporation is enjoying repeat business from some of the largest and most respected management companies, developers and corporations in America.