We have gained recognition for our accomplishments and innovations in the project development and construction fields. Bell-Mann Corporation will work with you as a team of experts in coordinating and executing your building program. Our Construction, Project Development, and Consulting Services are discussed in detail under the heading of Scope of Services. Bell-Mann Corporation offers the following services:

  • General Construction
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Surveys
  • Project Development
  • Construction Planning
  • Construction Management
  • Physical Due Diligence/ADA Compliance Reports
  • Project Management

Bell-Mann Corporation prides itself in offering excellent project development and construction services. Bell-Mann Corporation and its associates hold current memberships in the Associated General Contractors of America, Better Business Bureaus of Metropolitan Houston and Dallas, and Houston and Greater Dallas Chambers of Commerce. You will receive quality services from Bell-Mann Corporation.

Statement of Good Standing
Bell-Mann Corporation
This shall serve to certify that Bell-Mann Corporation and all of its employees are in good standing with all organizations and agencies of which we are or have been members. Our membership in the Associated General Contractors of America is intact. I further certify that we are not debarred, suspended, or otherwise prohibited from practicing professional services or contracting work by any federal, state or local agency.

All certificates of insurance will be mailed directly to your offices by our carriers upon request.Please notify Bell-Mann Corporation if certificates do not arrive within a few days of request.

Scope of Services
Bell-Mann Corporation also offers the following Construction related services:

Review schematic or design development drawings prepared by your architect, building designer or space planner for the purpose of determining budgetary costs. We offer this pricing at no obligation to either the owner or design professional and consider this to be an important service to our clients.

Bell-Mann has been very successful in either being able to stay within the budgetary figure, or exceeding it by only a 5% differential by the time that final plans and specifications are issued for construction. We will prepare a complete detailed proposal for your review and comments.

The Construction estimates are prepared from completed plans and specifications. This step allows us to become familiar with your project and take note of potential cost saving measures. This savings is passed on to you, the owner.

The detailed cost break-down proposal will also be presented to you and discussed at length. It has proven to be a helpful negotiating tool for us, clients, building owners and management companies.

Construction scheduling and coordination are very important to Bell-Mann Corporation, as it is to you, our client. Therefore, we prepare a construction schedule with significant milestones and discuss it with you to ascertain that it meets your approval. Once approved, we assemble key individuals such as electrical, mechanical and plumbing subcontractors to go over particulars of your projects and scheduling. We never lose sight of this schedule and have enjoyed success in almost every project. Bell-Mann prides itself in meeting our clientís deadlines without sacrificing quality.

Bell-Mann is pleased to be able to offer the following types of construction contracts: Lump Sum, Cost of the Work Plus a Fee, Cost of the Work Plus a Percentage and Guaranteed Maximum.

The Lump Sum contract is the most popular. Under this type of contract, all of the risk is accepted by us. You have one amount to keep track of, and, should we spend more money than anticipated to complete your project, it becomes our responsibility.

Under Cost of the Work Plus a Fee or Percentage, we charge you a flat fee for constructing your project or a percentage that is agreeable to both parties.

The Guaranteed Maximum contracts are also desirable as a client knows that should his project exceed a certain figure, it will be Bell-Mann Corporationís responsibility to cover these additional costs with no recourse to the owner. Additionally, with this type of contract, it is normal for us to split any savings incurred upon completion of the project. This provides an incentive for us to complete your project ahead of schedule. The owner may then further benefit by having income generated sooner than expected. We are comfortable with the use of standard A.I.A. agreements. It is also important to mention that we do not require any funds up frontĒ to commence a project.

During construction of your project, we appoint a Field Manager as well as a Field Superintendent to supervise construction. The Project Manager becomes the liaison between the architect, the field and our office. You speak with one person who is knowledgeable about your project. This individual has the authority to take your requests and see them through. All of our staff, field personnel and subcontractors know our high standards.

We make it a standard practice to supply our clients with a project manual. Each three ring binder has individual content tabs for easy information retrieval. Among the documentation supplied is the Contract, Certificates of Payment and Change Orders. Bell-Mann Corporation also supplies you with copies of all transmittals and correspondence. Progress Reports are prepared and submitted to you weekly.

Bell-Mann Corporation warrants all labor and material against defects for one year after the substantial completion date. Three ring binders with individual warranty tabs are also supplied for each project. A reduction of the floor plan is normally made part of this manual, along with the occupancy certificate. Our standard one year warranty is also included as well as warranties from the HVAC, electrical and plumbing companies.

You may expect the best quality work and organization from Bell-Mann Corporation.

Scope of Services (continued)

Bell-Mann Corporation offers the following Project Development services:

Our staff of experienced planner and real estate professionals will provide you with expert site selection options. We will consult with you prior to, during and after selection of your site. Bell-Mannís staff is adept at investigating perspective sites for commercial-retail, office, residential and industrial uses.

Our recommendations are always kept objective. As your agent we are also available to assist you in:

Contract negotiations

Due diligence inspections for land and existing buildings

Proper site development is important from a cost point of view, but also equally important from an environmental impact point of view. Our team of experts will ensure that maximum utility is achieved on your site.

As experienced planners, land use consultants and environmental designers we will ascertain that your development provides:

  • Optimum site coverage
  • Best site lay-out for its intended use
  • Adequate parking facilities
  • Most return on your investment

Re-zoning and re-platting is required for some new and expansion projects. In the event your site requires re-platting or re-zoning, Bell-Mann Corporation, as your agent, will take a lead role in preparing and submitting to governmental authorities the required documents and drawings.

We will represent you in negotiations before neighborhood associations, staff committees, city council, and state agencies. It is our goal to ensure that your project receives due consideration in a timely manner in order that you obtain the maximum benefits available.

Bell-Mann Corporation will carry out development of your project in a professional manner.

Bell-Mann Corporation Quality Control

The following diagram illustrates our flow of information in order to achieve successful completion of all projects.

Although most of Bell-Mannís Staff plays a part in each construction project, only the persons directly involved with the project are listed. After award of the contract, the team will meet to re-examine all facets of the project, i.e. work plan, contract documents, schedule and budget.

A subcontractorís conference is then held to obtain a critical path schedule that will meet the needs of this particular project.

Bell-Mann Corporation is a full-service construction company and is totally responsible for your project. Bell-Mann Corporation will never bypass securing your approval on different phases of work. We will work with you to assure successful completion of your project.

You can be assured of a successful project because we understand that our work is a direct reflection on you.