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The success of a business is directly attributed to its owners or principals. But, more importantly its continued success and growth is very dependent upon its employees. It is with great pride, therefore, that David and I list the individuals that make up Bell-Mann Corporation.

When we formed Bell-Mann Corporation in 1973 it was our goal to have a company that provides quality service. It was our intention to employ knowledgeable, dedicated persons for the purpose of achieving this goal.

From our meager beginnings, Bell-Mann Corporation has evolved into a multi-million dollar a year business and employs highly competent individuals. We have imparted some of our ideals which include dedication, determination, desire and devotion to our employees by living in accordance with these ideals.

Everyone has sacrificed for our goals because we all believe in what we are doing. We are proud and committed to our personnel and take pleasure in listing our staff on the following page.

Harold Strohmann, President (Founder) David Bellow, Executive Vice President (Founder)

President .................................... Harold E. Strohmann
Executive Vice President .............. David G. Bellow
Vice President ............................. Randy Sackett
Project Manager - Dallas .............. Jason Bellow
Project Manager - Houston ........... Frank Dziedzic
Office Manager - Dallas ................ Wendy Bellow
Office Manager - Houston ............. Mechelle Strohmann

Harold E. Strohmann

Mr. Strohmann is a co-founder of Bell-Mann Corporation, which was founded in 1973, and serves as President. He works out of and runs the Houston office. He attended the University of Houston and has over thirty years experience in commercial construction and building.

Mr. Strohmann’s keen business sense and ability to make the right decisions make him a viable manager. Every successful firm has an individual or individuals whom others in the firm draw upon for inspiration. Employees of Bell-Mann Corporation turn to Mr. Strohmann. He is an individual of high moral character and integrity and has a great respect for his fellow man.

He is instrumental in developing time and economic saving measures for the company. His desire for achieving the highest quality design and construction is most admirable. He is often relied upon during the initial planning or construction stages of a project to offer input on specialty products, of which he does extensive research.

Mr. Strohmann is also responsible for the continued growth and business development of the company. His "stick with it" attitude has earned him the respect of his colleagues. He is an active member of the Associated General Contractors of America and is involved with various committees.

His experience in building is extensive as well as diversified, which include office buildings, medical and computer facilities, governmental projects and retail/service centers. He has been directly or indirectly involved in all of the company’s projects. This is one of the reasons Bell-Mann continues to be successful.

David G. Bellow
Executive Vice President

Mr. Bellow is a co-founder of Bell-Mann Corporation and has thirty years experience in commercial buildings. He serves in the capacity of Executive Vice President. He works out of and runs the office in Dallas.

Mr. Bellow continually strives to achieve the highest standards of quality in the building environment. He has a positive influence on employees and is good at motivating individuals. He is an outgoing and outspoken individual and is a natural for developing new marketing directions. He is also responsible for the continued growth of the company.

Mr. Bellow provides interfacing between owner, developer, architects and engineers. His fairness and desire to attain the highest standards of quality have earned him a well deserved reputation in the community. Mr. Bellow represents the company at business and civic functions.

His civic participation includes having served on the Board of Directors of the Bear Creek Youth Soccer Association, 1985-1986, Board of Directors for the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce Classic Soccer League, 1988-1994, and Board of Directors for the Disabled Sports Association of North Texas, 1990-1994.

Mr. Bellow’s experience includes estimating, project management and contract negotiations. He is also instrumental in the continued success of Bell-Mann Corporation and has direct or indirect control of a majority of the company’s projects. He is an active member of the Associated General Contractors of America.

Randy Sackett
Vice President
Development Division

Mr. Sackett joined Bell-Mann Corporation in 1996 to oversee the expansion of the company's development and build-to-suit activities. Working out of the Dallas office, Mr. Sackett is responsible for servicing the needs of existing clients as well as the development of new projects.

After attending University of North Texas, Mr. Sackett entered the business world with El Chico Corporation as Director of Construction and Facilities. He was directly responsible for overseeing all phases of new construction and the remodeling of existing stores. After a successful ten years, Mr. Sackett became an El Chico franchisee in Oklahoma as well as a Johnny Rockets of California franchisee in North Park Center in Dallas, Texas. During this time, he gained a strong appreciation for the dedication to detail it takes to satisfy the demands of customers.

For the last eight years, Mr. Sackett has been involved in the initial design, construction and marketing of a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Mr. Sackett was directly responsible for Bell-Mann Corporation's Luxury Home Division in University Park and Highland Park, Texas. These exclusive homes range from 1.7 million to 5.7 million dollars. Strong customer satisfaction has lead to Bell-Mann Corporation becoming one of the most respected high end residential builders in these markets.

Jason G. Bellow
Project Manager

Mr. Bellow is the type of individual that spells continued success for Bell-Mann Corporation as a construction company. He executes his duties as a project manager in a most reliable manner. His knowledge of construction makes him one of Bell-Mann’s top rated project managers. Mr. Bellow formally entered the construction industry in 1998. After attending the University of Texas he came on board full time in 2000. He gets along well with staff, subcontractors and clients.

He has displayed enthusiasm and leadership since his days of working summer internships during high school and college as a construction employee and labor foreman. Through his continued dedication and desire to excel he has provided quality projects in the restaurant and medical fields, all of which have been built within budget and schedule.

Mr. Bellow has shown time and time again that he knows how to satisfy our clients. He has completed major projects in New Jersey, West Virginia, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. He has proven to be a respected and valuable member of the Bell-Mann Corporation team.

He is responsible for project scheduling, coordination and subcontractors. He uses bar graphs and CPM as tools to make sure that the work is progressing in an orderly and timely fashion.